Who should attend?

  • those in government who work with environmental issues
  • environmentalists
  • business owners & managers
  • middle-management teams

problem solving

An Enemy of the People

When the mineral baths in the small Norwegian town of Kirsten Springs were found to be polluted, the entire economy of the town was put at risk. This Henrik Ibsen play was written in 1908 and was the first "problem play." It gives us insight into how to move projects and communities forward. It pits business, government, media and science but in doing so, creates a fascinating problem-solving team project. Amazingly, it gives insight into the concept of the triple-bottom line.

This six-session workshop considers solutions to Kirsten Springs' problem from different vantage points opening up opportunities for negotiating and community building. In addition, it introduces new insights into the roles of theatre and the arts in a community.