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Is the Tail Wagging
your Dog?

Why a Comprehensive Marketing Plan Works

The most difficult task businesses face is responding to market situations instead of planning for the longer term with a contingency for market disturbances. In January, the television deal sounded good, in March it was a radio deal that was too good to pass up, then in June, there was an offer for direct mail and you thought that was great . . . but nothing met your expectations and now your budget is shot and you're only half way through the year. Sound familiar?

Getting the most from your marketing begins
with planning and ends with profitability.

It's not the next great sounding idea that walks in the door, it's the sound idea that works with your goals, your budget and your marketing seasons. Remember, people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

A substantial marketing plan is more than media.

Substantial marketing plans incorporate community interaction as part of the program. They build strong relationships, strong communities, good places to good business and they feed the bottom line. What they don't do is to cost any more.