I first met Susan Frost when our company was starting up and we were looking for good advisors. She was the perfect choice for advertising—she is very knowledgeable about all the details necessary, from print to television. She really learned our business and provided insight on all aspects of marketing. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of marketing/advertising, whether newly starting in business or established and needing a fresh approach.

Debra Jolly Syncor, Ltd.

I am continually amazed at the level of energy, professionalism and passion Susan brings to each and every project she is involved with. Her ability to approach problems from multiple and unique perspectives, regardless of the scope and nature of the project, has been incredibly beneficial to the University and the UW-Green Bay Founders Association.

Shane Kohl Director of Development University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

I have work with Susan at Frost Marketing & Communications, Inc. for the past 6 years. As an internet company that caters to a niche market, Susan has done a terrific job of understanding my advertising needs. She has helped me target a specific market with wonderful results. My business has been able to flourish in a challenging economy.

Gail Hutte The Sewphisticated Stitcher Discount Embroidery Blanks

I have had the good fortune of knowing and working with Susan Frost for nearly 30 years. I can very confidently say Susan is a true professional and an asset to her clients and to our market. I believe her knowledge and guidance has made a positive difference for her clients and a positive influence for her colleagues. In the end, Susan has consistently produced results for her clients and has been able to year after year and decade after decade...show me a competitor that can say that and have the track record to prove it.

R. Perry Kidder President and General Manager WFRV and WJMN Television Station Inc.

Susan displays a passion and exuberance not only about the abilities and scope of what Frost Marketing Communications, Inc. can accomplish for you, but also in the relationship that she builds with her clients. I have immensely enjoyed working with Susan on a variety of projects on behalf of the Town of Ledgeview, but also for the community of Ledgeview. Bring Susan an idea and she will create the path for which you can make the idea a reality.

Sarah Burdette Town of Ledgeview

Susan Frost has been the Marketing Consultant for Shady Lane, Inc. for the past three years. During this time many changes occurred in the nursing home, assisted living center and the rehabilitation unit.

Susan has done a wonderful job of "getting the word out" regarding upgrades or new services that have been offered by our company. She brought a fresh and informative look to our brochures and newsletter. Choosing where to advertise can be a frustrating and time consuming task. You cannot afford to place ads in all media that is out there. Susan researches ad opportunities to assure we are getting the best "bang or our buck" and knows how to turn down ad offers in a kind and gentle manner.

Susan brings a wide variety of marketing ideas to the table each month. She is a pleasure to work with as Susan allows me to pick and choose the ideas that I feel will fit the best for our organization. She is not defensive if I turn down an idea or change the original format. Working for a non-for-profit organization, budgets can be tight. Susan keeps excellent records and is very conscious to keep to the budget.

I love Susan's creativity, energetic enthusiasm and professionalism. Susan makes her clients feel that they are her first priority. She has taken much time to learn about this company so she can speak or write about it as if she has worked here for many years.

I would highly recommend Frost Marketing & Communications, Inc. for all your marketing needs.

Theresa Patrick Shady Lane, Inc.